Kenilworth United Fund

The Kenilworth United Fund (KUF) was founded in 1939 by civic-minded residents, and has remained a tradition every year since. While not affiliated with the United Way, the KUF supports local and area non-profit organizations with services available to Kenilworth residents in four areas: organized youth activities, senior citizens, families, and differently able people.

Our Mission

On August 30, 1939, the Kenilworth Community Chest, Inc. was formed by 9 men and women of Kenilworth.  Their purposes as stated in the Articles of Incorporation were to: (a) raise and expend funds for general social welfare work, and (b) to assist in the maintenance of charitable institutions, agencies, committees, or activities operating primarily for, or contributing primarily to the welfare of the people of the Village of Kenilworth, Illinois, and (c) to correlate social service work in the Village of Kenilworth, Illinois, and to assist in the planning and execution of such work, and (d) to contribute to the support of such other charitable institutions, agencies, committees, or activities as the corporation, through its directors, may select.


Mrs. Leon T. Ellis Mrs. Harry A. Olin
Stanley P. Farwell George H. Rigler
Roland D. Feltman Thompson M. Wakeley
Mrs. Newell S. Knight Mrs. Henry G. Zander, Jr.
Vernon R. Loucke


For Kenilworth residents who wish to contribute to the Kenilworth United Fund through their employers, or the Chicago Metropolitan United Way or the Crusade of Mercy, you may give the appropriate information to the Porch Light Night volunteer who will help complete the reverse side of the pledge card.

Alternatively, oftentimes the United Way/Crusade of Mercy allows you to specify the Kenilworth United Fund as the organization to receive the benefit of your pledge.

Should you need it, our contact information is:

Kenilworth United Fund, Inc.,
419 Richmond Road, Kenilworth, IL 60043
EIN: 36-6118414.

It is that simple.